Top 40 Most Trending Distribution Business Ideas In India

Are you searching for most trending and profitable distribution business ideas? Do you want to know what are the most lucrative items for the distribution business? Find here a list of 40 most profitable distribution business ideas in India.

Distribution is a comparatively easy business to start than manufacturing. Additionally, the business offers a wide range of products and services for the entrepreneurs. Moreover, you can start with any type of product that has the local demand.

Top 40 Most Trending Distribution Business Ideas

Distribution Business

#1. Agro Inputs

Agro inputs cater a wide range of items. Some of the products you can start with are farm equipment, agro-chemicals, seed, etc. The demand for these items is increasing very fast.

#2. Animals and Animal Products

In this category, some of the most lucrative items are livestock feeds, farming equipment, and animal care product. As the livestock farming is growing in the country, these are very promising items to start distribution business.

#3. Automobiles / Bicycle / Rickshaw

Automobile caters a wide range of products. Additionally, the industry is very promising for the new entrepreneurs. However, you must select the items that have good demand in the domestic market. Some of the most lucrative items are spare parts, accessories, E-rickshaw etc.

#4. Building and Construction

In this segment, some of the most lucrative product opportunities are sanitary equipment, flooring tiles, toughen glass, door & window channels, accessories, wallpapers etc. Additionally, building and construction industry offers several localized distribution business opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

#5. Business / Technical

Business consulting is the major field in this category. Additionally, you can start providing logistic services. Specialty logistic services like the cooling chain are the most profitable segment in the industry.

Distribution Business Ideas 

#6. Chemicals

The Indian chemical industry is very prominent. And it offers wide opportunities to the small business owners. However, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and others industry chemicals have high demand in the domestic market.

#7. Computer Hardware & Software

The computer industry is rapidly increasing these days. Due to the rapid growth in the online activity, the usage of computers have increased considerably. Additionally, computer hardware items like motherboard, SMPS, different cords, keyboards, mouse have the high demand. Also, the software products have the great market in the country.

#8. Electrical & Electronic

This is an another lucrative sector for starting a distribution business of your own. Some of the most popular items are LED lights, cables, moderns switches, plugs etc. However, you must procure the quality products from the reliable suppliers.

#9. Energy

Petroleum products, renewable energy equipment, biofuels and solar are the major subsection of this industry. Also, these segments are very promising.

#10. Engineering and Industrial Supplies

The industry sector of our country is growing rapidly. Additionally, there is regular upgradations of engineering goods and industrial supplies to get the maximum efficiency. However, if you are a beginner, start the business with a single product line.

#11. Events and Entertainment

This industry caters a wide range of products. The list includes catering equipment, musical equipment, etc. According to the local demand of your area, you can select a lot of products for the distribution business.

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Distribution Business Ideas 

#12. Fabrics and Textiles

Textile is one of the most lucrative and traditional industries of our country. Additionally, the industry caters a wide range of produce. Furthermore, the most popular items are fabrics, fibers yarns, threads, home furnishing, textile accessories, textile chemicals etc.

#13. Fishery Products Distribution

Fishery items are gaining rapid popularity in the processed food industry of our country. Additionally, some of the lucrative items are canned fish, ready to cook items, fish pickles etc. These are the most trending items to start the distribution business in this segment.

#14. Food Stuff Distribution

In this segment, some of the most popular items are bakery items, coconut products, edible salt, cooking oils, honey, dairy products, jam, jelly, pickles, snacks, beverages, wine, tea, coffee etc. Generally, the growing population is the major reasons for the growth of this sector.

#15. Fresh Agro Produce

Fresh agro produce or commodities have a large retail market in the country. Additionally, the organically grown items are gaining popularity nowadays. This category includes pulses, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and spices.

#16. Furniture and Fittings

Different types of furniture like wood make, bamboo make, wrought irons, cane furniture are the most trending items in this segment. Additionally, hospital furniture industry is also very lucrative for the distribution business. Furthermore, interior decoration items and furniture fittings are the lucrative products for this business.

#17. Garments & Apparels

Generally, knitted garments are the most profitable items in this segment. Some of the most lucrative products are the kid’s garments, embroidery garments, caps, hosiery goods, fashion belts, stoles, bags, denim etc.

Distribution Business Ideas 

#18. Gems &n Jewelry

Gem and jewelry distribution business are highly cash-intensive. However, the business is highly profitable too. Also, there are some opportunities of jewelry made of semi-precious stones. Additionally, artificial jewelry, costume jewelry, beads have the great domestic market demands.

#19. Handicraft & Gifts

Handicrafts are the traditional products of our country. Additionally, you can find a lot of reliable crafts makers for sourcing the products. Some of the most profitable items are antiques, bamboo items, candles, metal crafts, paintings, fashion accessories, bags, carpets, stone crafts, wood crafts etc.

#20. Handtools & Equipment

Apart from the large machinery, there is a large market for the hand tools and equipment. Additionally, you can start this business with comparatively small startup capital investment. Furthermore, these products attract the mass audience.

#21. Healthcare & Beauty Products

Healthcare and beauty are the large industry these days. So these industries cater a wide range of products. However, some of the most popular items are drugs, medicines, surgical instruments, cosmetics, toiletries, personal care products, animal healthcare items etc.

#22. Herbs & Ayurvedic Medicine

People are becoming more conscious about the harmful effects of the chemical products. That is why the demand for the herbal and ayurvedic products are increasing rapidly. Some of the most profitable products are the herbal medicines, essential oils, herbal cosmetics etc.

#23. Household Goods

Household goods and consumers products markets are the very large in India. Additionally, the industry caters a vast range of products. However, you must select the good quality items according to the local demands. Some of the most lucrative items are crockery items, cleaning items, catering items, kitchen utensils, plastic items, religious products, audio & video items etc.

Distribution Business Ideas  

#24. Jute / Coir / Felt / Cork Etc

This is an another very lucrative industry in India. This segment caters bags, ropes, coconut items, carpets, rugs etc. However, jute itself caters a wide range of items including home decor, jewelry, bags and home furnishing items.

#25. Leather and Leather Products

Leather goods are considered as the luxury products. However, leather goods ensure a lucrative margin for the distributors. Therefore, leather and leather items are the great products for the distribution business. Some of the most trending items are the purse, handbags, office bags, belts, garments, etc.

#26. Machinery

Small business machines are the great items for starting the distribution business with the machines. However, big plants and machinery fetch comparatively better margins. Some of the most lucrative items are food processing plants, chemical processing machinery, leather processing plants etc.

#27. Metal

In this segment, iron, aluminum, copper play the major role. Additionally, scrap items hold a major portion in this category. However, metal items offer the various different type of opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

#28. Office Equipment and Supply

Office equipment and supplies cater a wide range of products. The list includes computer, accessories, stationeries, office furniture, printing machinery, spare parts, paper items, telephone, mobile, office decor items, promotional items etc.

#29. Ores & Minerals

Ores and minerals are hugely connected with the mining. Additionally, these are the essential raw materials for the several small and big industries. Some of the most popular items are magnesium sulphate, calcium carbonate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate etc.

#30. Packaging Materials

The packaging industry is facing the rapid upgradations nowadays. New innovations are taking place to enhance the looks, shelf life of the products etc. For distribution business, some of the lucrative items are bags, pouches, nylon bags, tapes, paper bags, shrink labels etc.

Distribution Business Ideas

#31. Paper and Stationery

Indian paper industry is very large. And it offers a wide range of products according to the consumer demands. Different types of notebooks, diaries, paper bags, computer papers are the most trending items.

#32. Plastic and Plastic Products

Plastic products are popular because of their durability. Right from kitchen equipment, household goods, toys, tableware, furniture, household containers are the most popular items. Additionally, you can start this business with comparatively small capital investment.

#33. Printing & Publishing

Printing and publishing industry is highly connected with the packaging industry. Therefore, the industry is very lucrative for the new entrepreneurs. However, having prior experience is always a plus for starting this business.

#34. Rubber & Latex

Rubber industry is one of the most prominent production industry in SME sector in India. India is the world’s largest producer of and the third largest consumer of natural rubber. Some of the most popular items are rubber bands, hospital consumables, industrial belts, eraser, automobile gaskets, tyres etc.

#35. Safety and Security Products

Safety and security products are gaining rapid popularity these days. The major consumers are factories, construction companies, fire protection companies etc. Some of the most lucrative products are industrial garments, gloves, aprons, surveillance equipment, CCTV, spectacles etc.

#36. Scientific Instruments

Scientific instruments and laboratory equipment have a good market in India. Biotechnology equipment, measuring instruments, industrial storage containers are the lucrative sectors in this category.

#37. Sports Goods & Toys

Sport and toys industries are growing very fast. And with a moderate capital investment, you can start a distribution business in this industry. Most lucrative items are educational toys, puzzles, outdoor sports goods, sportswear, flags, badges etc.

Distribution Business Ideas 

#38. Synthetic and Natural Yarn

Synthetic and natural yarn, both play the important role in the garment, clothing and apparel industry. Additionally, the industry caters a wide range of products. Furthermore, cotton is one of the major product in this segment. Some of the popular items are blankets, woolens, ropes, throws etc.

#39. Telecom Products and Services

As the network communication is improving very fast, the demand for this type of products is also increasing. Some of the most trending items for distribution business are  audio & video items, telephone, mobile, accessories, battery & accessories, networking equipment etc.

#40. Wood and Wooden Products

Woodworking is the traditional culture of our country. Additionally, so many valuable woods like teak Sishu, rubber woods are available in the forests. Some of the most popular items are furniture, photo frames, door, window and sandalwood crafts items.

We hope this list of 40 most trending distribution business ideas will help you in taking an informed decision in starting your venture.

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