Domino’s Pizza Business Opportunity Details

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Are you interested in starting Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India?  Read this article to know complete details of starting this business in India.

The pizza giant began as a single store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1960. It has now grown to more than 14,000 shops internationally with about 260,000 employees. The company sells more than 2 million pizzas each day.

Why Dominos Pizza Franchise?

Jubilant Foodworks is the master franchise of Domino’s Pizza in India. The Company & its subsidiary operates Domino’s Pizza brand with the exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Company is the market leader in the pizza segment with a network of 1,128 Domino’s Pizza restaurants across 265 cities in India (as on January 19, 2018). They are located in 29 States and Union Territories, covering 218 cities across the Country.

All throughout Dominos Pizza has remained focused on delivering great tasting Pizzas & sides, superior quality, exceptional customer service and value for money offerings. It has endeavored to establish a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering pizzas within 30 minutes or FREE to a community of loyal customers from all its stores around the country.

Domino’s Pizza vision is focused on “Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery Company in the world!” It is committed to bringing fun, happiness, and convenience to lives of its consumers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep.

Domino’s believes that when a box of pizza is opened, family and friends come together to share the pizza. Hence, their brand positioning: ‘Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time’

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Starting Domino’s Franchise in India

Broadly, Domino’s Pizza retail store has four formats.

1. Dominos Pizza Traditional Stores are retail outlets located primarily in shopping centers, strip centers, and similar retail locations appropriate parking for delivery vehicles and customers of the store. Domino’s Pizza Traditional Stores sell pizza and other authorized products through delivery and carry-out services.

2. Dominos Pizza Non-Traditional Stores sell Domino’s pizza and other authorized products and services at non-traditional locations. These locations include office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, toll roads, airports, zoos, convenience stores and similar retail facilities. Domino’s Pizza Non-Traditional Stores will ordinarily offer only carry-out service but may have sit-down facilities depending on the location.

3. Dominos Pizza Transitional Stores are locations where the menu is customized to fit the location. Domino’s Pizza Transitional Stores are located in select markets that have fewer potential customers than Domino’s Pizza Traditional Stores. Domino’s Pizza Transitional Stores generally offer carry-out service only as of the date of the opening of the store and as market conditions materialize. The delivery service will be expanded to the point where full delivery service is offered. At that time the franchise has an opportunity to convert the Transitional Store to a Domino’s Pizza Traditional Store at the same location or such other location as approved by the franchisor.

4. The franchisor also issues licenses to large public entertainment or similar facility operators, like stadiums or their concessionaires, to sell approved products for a license fee based on facility sales. The Licensee can sell pizza and other authorized products for carry-out service at the facility.

Investments – Dominos Pizza Franchise

Presently Dominos Pizza owns 450 plus units by Company itself and 12000 plus franchise retail outlets across the World. In the United States, the total investment to start dominos pizza store is around $102650 to $516,700 depending on the type of stores like traditional, nontraditional or transitional. In Indian currency, the investment comes around 65 lakhs to 3.5 crores.

How to Apply for Dominos Pizza Franchise

To apply for Dominos Pizza franchise in India contact at the following address: Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305 Phone – +91-120-4090500, Fax – +91-120-40905599 Official website of Dominos Pizza India –

If you are passionate about starting a food-based retail business and have the investing capacity as required, starting a franchise of Dominos Pizza will certainly a good financial decision.