How To Start a Green Tea Selling Business

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Green tea is steadily getting popularity in the global market. I believe because of health benefits attached to green tea, this is a segment which will grow more. If you are interested in starting a green tea selling business, you have landed in the right place.

Let us first understand what are the basic requirements to start green tea selling business opportunities from home.

Green tea is the fastest growing segment in the overall tea industry owing to its usefulness in providing health benefits to the consumers. In the overall market, China is the biggest producer and exporter of green tea. However, Asia Pacific as a whole represents the largest market.

Countries like China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Taiwan, and Japan are the major markets for green tea in Asia Pacific market. Europe represents the fastest growing market for green tea owing to increased health awareness among consumers.

Some of the major factors driving the global market for green tea include growing consumer awareness for healthy and safe products and the growing number of people suffering from obesity, cancer digestive disorders, and many more diseases.

Basic Requirements to Start Green Tea Selling Business

  1. First of all, check what license you require starting the business from your location.
  2. Arrange the license and registration accordingly.
  3. Open a current account with a Bank.
  4. Create a website of your own to promote the product from there. There are several low-cost options. Check it out.

After completing successfully all the steps mentioned above, you become eligible in starting tea selling a business from your location.

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Where to Find Tea & How to Purchase

This is the probably the most critical part of the business cycle. Purchasing the right mix of tea variations is the key factor in the success of your business. Green tea comes with a lot of variations in taste. You need to do extensive research with the local retailers and consumers to understand which variation of green taste is popular in the local market.

Collect the samples of the chosen items you have selected. Contact the local wholesalers with the samples. You can also search the internet for the purchase of the items selected. Contact them and send your requirements. Don’t forget to ask the Minimum Order Quantity of the item.

Some companies also provide private label facilities to purchasers. Private label is all about selling items with your own brand. Once you order the item normally companies take 7-10 days for delivery.

Promote your product from your website. Also, you can promote on the social media pages. You can also supply your product to the local retailers.