Top Profitable Home Based Business Ideas & Opportunities

Everybody today is looking for extra income keeping present work involvement intact. Housewives, professionals, students, retired individuals are all seeking business opportunities which they can run home based either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Most home based business opportunities are normally low cost or no capital at all. Home based business opportunities are perfect for organized self-starters who can multi-task and get the job done. If you can balance working and living at home, the benefits of a home-based franchise business can add up to big success.

The choices for home-based franchising are varied and wide and opportunities are increasing daily. These days there are all kinds of home-based franchise opportunities. Most of these home-based franchises require a lower investment and fixed costs than retail brands, offer a flexible schedule, and offer a more specialized service than their retail and commercial competitors.

Here in this article, we have compiled profitable business opportunities in India you can consider starting from your home or backyard.

List of Most Popular Home Based Business Ideas & Opportunities

While choosing a business opportunity, you have to consider few factors. Among them are price and business category are the two most important issues you have to deal with when choosing a home based business venture. It is advised to choose those business categories which require less investment and have a market potential to grow.

Below are few selected home-based business opportunity categories which you can start with very low investment.

  1. Travel Agency

Travel agency business is a profitable business to start with low or even no investment. Furthermore, it can be started from home too. If you are interested you can read a detailed article on Starting a Travel Agency business. You can also check here for top companies offering franchise business opportunities.

2. Tutoring

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge on specific subjects of learning, you can consider starting a tutoring business. You can start from home with no investment if you are in contact with people looking for tuition services for their kids. Check out how to start tutoring business for further details

3. Website Development

If you have knowledge in activities related to website development, you can start this business right now from home. You can create your portfolios on sites like Fiverr, Upwork to get customers from anywhere in the world.

4. Garment Trading

Garment retailing is a very popular home based business nowadays. You can purchase garments from wholesalers and sell them locally. However, you have to do some research regarding the demand of local taste and trend of garments.

5. Placement Services

Companies always look forward to hiring new employees for their organization. You can start a placement agency in helping those companies in the process of recruitment of right people against a fee. Initially, you can start this business from home.

6. Start a Blog

If you enjoy writing and want to make money writing from home, starting a blog is always a good decision. You can read  How to Start a Blog & Make Money for more details.

7. Business Coaching & Consultancy

If you have expertized in any field of business development like strategic marketing, digital marketing, project development, financial management, compliance management, etc you can start business coaching and consultancy services right from your home.

8. Wedding Planning

Wedding consulting or wedding planning business may come naturally to someone who is organized and focuses on details. Nowadays, the demand for these professionals is increasing very fast. Basically, people don’t have sufficient time to get all the things ready by themselves.

9. Candle Making

Nowadays, decorative scented and designer candles have huge demand. If you are looking for a home based business idea with less investment, you must consider starting a candle making business.

10. Cartridge Refilling

Cartridge refilling is a very profitable business. You can start the business with your own brand name or with a franchise like Cartridge World, Refill, etc. You can start the business from home buying affordable equipment.

Home based business opportunities provide ample scope to grow. These small home-based business ideas are inexpensive and thereby provide the breathing time to see your business profitable without much financial stress.