Kathi Junction Business Opportunity Details

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Are you planning to open a fast food restaurant in your locality? Do you want to open a Kathi Junction franchise business at your location? Read this post to learn more about Kathi Junction franchise business opportunity.

Kathi Junction is the biggest Kathi Roll & Shawarma company selling over 5000 Rolls & 2000 Shawarma every day. The company has developed its own range of spices and is used in all outlets. It is quite different as the ingredients used are different than the routine ones. All the products are blended in our spices which ensure uniformity in the flavors in making of most authentic Kathi Roll & Shawarma.

Why You Should Consider Applying for Kathi Junction Franchise Business

Kathi Junction is a well-known name in India and has been the favorite hunt for food for several years. Kathi Junction has created strong and proven business system in the associates right from day one. It saves the franchise from going through all the teething problems one has to face while starting a new set up. The most important aspect of Indian cuisine is trained chefs. This is one aspect of business, which if ignored, can result in a downfall of a restaurant.

Kathi Junction has a big pool of trained chefs and it runs training and development exercise for its chefs on a regular interval to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. The Kathi Junction outlet has been designed to give the valued customers a very comfortable dining experience. It has been designed as per the international standards. Kathi Junction provides to its franchise complete know how on all the aspects of a restaurant. Kathi Junction franchise can get you a 50% return on your investment, paying back your money in just 6-9 months (depending on location)

Investments – Kathi Junction Franchise Business

Kathi Junction offers two kinds of business opportunities to you.

Kathi Junction Food-Court Express
More than 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kebabs, Grilled Chicken, Beverage served in these outlets. Kathi Junction Food-Court Express Franchise investment is approximately 7 Lac Rupees. Area required for opening a Kathi Junction Food-Court Express Franchise is 200 SQ. ft. (100 Sq. ft. – Kitchen and Counter + 100 Sq. ft. Stores). Franchise Royalty fee is 4% of total sales volume.

Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant

Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant Franchise investment is around 10 Lacs. Area required for opening Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant is around  300 – 600 Sq. ft (100 sq.ft for Kitchen /Counter + 100 sq.ft for Store+ 100-400 sq.ft for Dining). Franchise royalty fee is 4% of total sales volume

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How to Apply for Kathi Junction Franchise Business

To apply for Kathi Junction franchise business in India contact at the following address:

Fill the application form given at Kathi Junction official website at http://www.kathijunction.com/franchisee-enquiry.html.

You can also contact at + 91 8587888792.

Kathi Junction franchise business opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a fast food franchise business opportunity. Analyse and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.