How to Start Solar Products Selling Business in India with Low Investment

Are you interested in exploring green energy in India by starting a solar products related business? If your answer is ‘yes’ then read this article on  how you can start a solar business with little investment and facilitate in India going green.

India is a country of billion plus people. We have an average of 300 sunny days a year. The country boasts ample rooftop space. There is no doubt in the coming years India is going to witness a solar revolution much like milk revolution or mobile revolution.

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Manufacturing/ Selling – Which one is better in Starting Solar products related Business with Low Investment

Let me honestly confess right at the outset, manufacturing solar products require a good amount of investment. Big boys are already into it. The technology is improving very fast. The manufacturing plant requires a lot of high-cost raw material such as pure silicon, semiconductor, anti-reflecting coating and other things. If you want to start  solar product related business with a small investment, check with consultants and suppliers before you commit.

On the other hand, the demand of solar products is increasing day by day. The Government is promoting solar products like never before. As a result in the past few years, many manufacturers have entered India’s solar market. However, the challenge is in reaching to prospective buyers. Thereby creating business opportunities in the selling segment. The bottom line is you don’t have to be a manufacturer to start a solar product related business. Individuals can earn unlimited income selling solar products.

How to Start Solar Products Selling Business with Low Investment

The best way to start a solar product selling business with low investment is taking franchise or distributorship of reputed brands who are manufacturing solar items. There are now plenty of business opportunities in this sector.

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