15+ Most Profitable Beauty Business Ideas with Low Investment

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Beauty industry in India is increasing rapidly and also people looking for more and more beauty business ideas and opportunities. The initiation of various professional brands is introducing new emerging opportunities for the small business entrepreneurs. The beauty industry is vast in nature. It includes broadly, salons-cum-spas, image enhancement

The beauty industry is vast in nature. It includes broadly, salons-cum-spas, image enhancement centers, hair styling, and beauty clinics, offering everything from painless Brazilian waxes and laser hair removal to botox, exotic body wraps etc. After all, looks do matter.

Nowadays, many beauty professionals are showing interest in initiating his or her own beauty business. The industry is growing. Organized Indian beauty and cosmetic industry are growing at 15 to 20% as a result of people becoming more beauty conscious. And the potential market is increasing in tier 2 and tier 3 cities including small towns.

The use of beauty and personal care products is no longer limited to urban India. Awareness of such products has strongly increased due to television commercials, celebrity endorsements, social media campaigns and print media. Beauty and personal care register strong growth, driven by increased awareness.

Here in this article, we list down 17 most profitable beauty business ideas and opportunities for the new entrepreneurs.

List Of 17 Most Profitable Beauty Business Ideas & Opportunities

#1. Beauty Salon

The beauty salon is the biggest business in the beauty industry. Beauty salon generally caters to a wide range of services to the customers. The basic services are the haircut, styling, skin care, nails, tanning solutions, makeup etc. This is the most profitable beauty business in the industry. Check, Top 10 Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in India.

#2. Body Piercing 

Body piercing store with body jewelry is a profitable business focusing on a specific niche. The demand for body piercing is increasing in India. You can also offer some allied services like tattooing. Franchise opportunity is available across the country.

#3. Bridal Salon

Bridal makeup segment is expanding rapidly. Earlier, it was usually only the bride who visited the salon prior to the wedding ceremony, but now friends and relatives often join her and salons offer special packages for them. It includes head-to-toe grooming and makeup. This is one of the best beauty business opportunities for metro cities.

#4. Colour Lounge

Colour lounge offers a wide range of hairstyling with colors. The business can be initiated with a small capital investment. Franchise opportunities for reputed brands are available.

#5. Cosmetics Retailing

This is a perfect business that can be started in any range of investment in any location. The business is perfect for cosmopolitan cities, small towns and even in rural areas of the country. You can source the product of your own. Otherwise, you can start this business by owning a franchise or distributor of a reputed company.

#6. Costume Jewelry Store

Costume jewelry market is increasing in India. The increasing rate of the valuable metals is the main reason that people prefer costume jewelry made of semi-precious jewels. You can check franchise opportunities.

#7. Hair Salon

Hair salon is a low-cost venture compared to the full-scale beauty salon. Hair salons offer basic services like the haircut, hair spa, trimming, hair color, etc. There are successful brands in the industry offering franchise opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

#8. Manicure Pedicure Lounge

This is another beauty business that caters to a niche audience. The business can be initiated as the mobile basis. The initial start-up cost is low compared to other beauty business opportunities.

#9. Mehndi Parlor

Mehndi is now popular among all culture in India. In the wedding ceremony, Mehndi professionals are in demand not only to the bride but also her friends and relatives. You can start this business with a small capital investment.

#10. Nail Studio

Nail studios offer various services like manicure, pedicure, hand/foot spa, hand/foot massage etc. An emerging trend in nail salons is nail art. This is a creative and specialized field in cosmetics. Some of the popular ideas in nail art are nail painting, nail piercing, nail decoration and nail lacquer. You can also check franchise opportunities from Nail Lounge, Nail Art.

#11. Organic Beauty Product Store

The increasing awareness of harmful chemicals in personal care has increased the potential market for organic products and aromatic products. There are several reputed brands which offer franchise and distributorship opportunity of the exclusive store.

#12. Organic Spa Salon

Organic spa salon uses the organic products for treatments and makeup. The business is hugely profitable in the country. Franchise opportunity is available.

#13. Perfume Store

This is one of the evergreen business. People generally prefer to buy perfume from a retail store than online. Exclusive distributor and franchise opportunities are available across the country.

#14. Skin Clinic

Skin clinics offer specialty services on skin care and treatment. Such as tanning, pigmentation, pimples, dark circles, skin whitening solutions etc. It is advisable to start this business by owning a franchise of a reputed company.

#15. Spa Resort

The spa resort is a staying destination that provides a relaxing, pampering experience for people staying at the resort or people who live locally. The business is hugely cash and management intensive. Franchise opportunities are available.

#16. Tattoo Parlour

The tattoo is becoming more popular among the young ladies and gents both. This is really an emerging beauty business in India. You can start the business with small capital investment.

#17. Wax Salon

Wax salons provide specific services of waxing to men and women. This treatment is becoming popular day-by-day. It is advisable to start this business by owning a franchise of a reputed company.

In most of the above-mentioned beauty business ideas, franchise opportunities are available. A beauty business is a wonderful business opportunity for individuals looking for profitable investment opportunities and also for experienced beauty professionals looking for self-employment.