Top 10 Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Mizoram

Are you looking for small business ideas in Mizoram? If Yes, this article will definitely help you in getting a list of profitable business ideas and available franchise opportunities in the state including Aizawl.

Mizoram is a northeastern state in India. Neighboring states are Assam, Manipur, and Tripura. Additionally, the state is a highly literate agrarian economy. Apart from agriculture, forestry, education, small industries, and tourism are major important economic segments of the state.

Top 10 Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Mizoram

#1. Automobile Business

Automotive is a highly profitable sector in our country. Also, the industry offers a variety of different business opportunities according to the investment capacity of entrepreneurs. From a new vehicle selling to the service center, battery store, tire store, or car wash, there are enough opportunities that you can explore.

Apart from starting your own, you can also avail dealership or franchise opportunities that are currently available in the state. To know more, go through Top Profitable Automotive Franchise Business Opportunities.

#2. Bakery or Cake Shop

Actually, a bakery is a low-cost business that has enough profit potential. Also, it’s an easy business to start and operate. The wide variety of products like biscuits, cakes, pastry, cookies, bread, etc ensures good sell volume. However, starting a bakery business requires specific skills and experience.

For the beginner entrepreneurs, it is advisable to start the business as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. A bakery franchise business of an established brand provides multiple advantages to the first generation entrepreneurs. Find here, Best Bakery & Confectionery (Cake Shop) Franchise Opportunities.

#3. Computer Training Institute in Mizoram

Mizoram has a high literacy rate. Here most of the young adults the higher education with an ambition of getting a job. And computer training is highly beneficial for this. If you are a computer expert, you can definitely consider opening a computer training institute not only is the town areas but also in the rural areas.

Some of the popular job oriented courses are animation, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing, etc. Numerous organized companies are offering franchise opportunities for new entrepreneurs today. Let us check a list. Top Computer Institute Franchise Opportunities in India.

#4. Courier Service

The state has a developing economy. So, there is always a demand for a reliable courier service facility in Mizoram. In this business, both domestic individuals and business corporations are your clients.

Due to the availability of the franchise opportunity of the reputed courier brands, starting a courier business becomes easier. With a small commercial space and low startup investment, you can open a courier service business in your area. To know more, check Top 10 Courier Service Franchise Opportunities in India.

#5. Fast Food Restaurant

Nowadays, fast food is getting huge popularity. The young generation prefers fast food items over any other food items. And they consume these food items frequently almost every day. Also, Mizoram is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, opening a fast food fine dining restaurant or roadside stall is a fantastic business to start here.

Food is a highly perishable item. And if you don’t have any prior experience in the food industry, we will advise you to start the business as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. To know more follow Top Fast Food Franchise Businesses in India.

#6. Medical Store or Pharmacy

A pharmacy or medical store is an evergreen business. The business earns profits not only from selling medicines but also from several other products. These days medical stores offer a lot of value-added services also. These are online buying, home delivery, loyalty discount, etc.

Starting a medical store business requires specific permission and licensing from the state Govt. authority. There are plenty of organized pharmacy brands that are offering franchise opportunities throughout the country. To get the list, go through Best Popular Pharmacy Franchise Business Opportunities in India.

#7. Momo Business in Mizoram

Momo is a highly popular food item is the northeast region. Apart from the veg momo, the Mizoram residents prefer chicken momo, paneer momo, pork momo, and even prawn momo. So, if you want to start a food retail business with low capital, then you can definitely consider opening a momo business here.

There are several ways you can open a momo business with the variable investment capacity. Some of the most potential options are momo stall, restaurant, or take away only. If you are interested in the franchise, find here Top 10 Momo Franchise Opportunities in India.

#8. Paint Shop

Actually, the paint shop comes under the hardware store segment. Generally, you can open a paint store in two ways. One is a multibrand store and another is a specific company outlet. Both the two models have specific advantages and disadvantages. However, if you have limited investment capacity, you must select the second option.

You can find a lot of national paint companies that are offering dealership opportunities. Some of the most popular brands are Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nerolac Paints, etc.

#9. Preschool

Start a Preschool in your locality. Every parent nowadays wants to provide quality education to their kids. Love for kids and tutoring will always be a plus to be successful in this business. Opening a preschool or playschool is a fantastic business opportunity in the education sector.

However, the business requires strategic planning, promotion, and proper training. So, if you are a beginner in this area, you can consider opening a preschool franchise business in your locality.

#10. Tourism in Mizoram

Mizoram is popular for scenic beauty and natural attraction. Some of the most popular are lakes, waterfalls, hills, wildlife, and even festivals. The state is rich in bird diversity, which has the potentiality to make it a major birding destination. Therefore, it is a popular tourist destination for foreign and domestic travelers.

However, there is still a lack of amenities and arrangments. So, you can definitely consider earning handsome money by helping travelers. For more information, you can check Best Travel Franchise Business Opportunities in India.
Mizoram is one of the fastest-growing economies among the states of India. So, the state is perfect for starting and growing as such any business.