6 Most Profitable Dairy Franchise Opportunities in India

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Do you want to start a business in the dairy industry? Are you looking for the profitable dairy franchise opportunities in your area? Fina here a list of 6 best dairy franchise business opportunities in India which are currently available.

Dairy is a very sunshine industry not only in India. And currently, our country is the highest milk producer in the world. In the industry, fluid milk holds the first position in production and sale. Some of the other popular items are Ghee, butter, curd, paneer, ice cream, milk powder, condensed milk etc.

Nowadays, some of the value-added products are getting immense popularity not only in the summer but throughout the year. These are Lassi, chocolate milk, flavored milk, Misti Dahi, Canned Rasgulla etc.

A retail outlet selling different dairy products including fruits and vegetable is a successful business in India. The most interesting aspect is you don’t need a very large space. Even, you can set up the store in a kiosk or as a mobile food van. The startup investment is less and per unit revenue earning is highly inspiring. So, let’s discuss the 6 most profitable dairy and F &V franchise opportunities in India.

List of 6 Best Dairy Franchise Opportunities in India

#1. Amul 

Amul is owned by Anand Milk Producers Union Limited. Actually, Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative, based at Anand in the state of Gujarat. Currently, it is one of the largest food brands in India.

Amul is offering franchise opportunity in India to become an APO (Amul Preferred Outlet). With a small investment, you can open a cafe in the brand name of Amul. Currently, Amul has more than 6000 Franchisees in India is planning to expand further in the forthcoming years.

#2. Lassi Shop

Basically, Lassi Shop serves fresh juices, mocktail, and smoothies. The brand offers fresh, healthy and hygienic beverages as a superior alternative to fizzy drinks invading the country to the customers.

They craft these exquisitely with the finest ingredients invented by the founder. Hence, it creates a fantastic array of flavors. The brand is a concept of “Quick Service cafe”. It’s a small format F&B Retail chain which exclusively focuses on the subcontinent’s popular traditional yogurt-based drink ‘Lassi’

#3. Moo Cow Dairy Franchise

The Moo Cow is a Malaysia-based company. Moo Cow was started aiming to be the biggest name for yogurt (pro-biotic) in Malaysia. The company is offering franchise opportunity in Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad. Also, the area franchise and regional franchise opportunities are available.

#4. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy was commissioned in 1974 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). It was an initiative under Operation Flood, the world’s biggest dairy development program launched to make India a milk sufficient nation.

The company owns three prestigious brands – Mother Dairy, Safal, and Dhara. The company also provides dairy products, including butter, Mishti Doi, paneer, Dahi, ghee, cheese, UHT milk, probiotic products, lassi, and flavored milk.

#5. Osam Dairy

Osam Dairy is currently present in 19 districts and works with 140 distributors and over 3,000 retailers across Jharkhand. The Osam Dairy has received the Best Young Dairy award from the Jharkhand Government in 2013, and the Most Promising Dairy Brand award by Assocham in 2016.

The company offer toned milk and normal pouch milk along with other products like Dahi, Lassi, paneer etc. Currently, the company is offering franchise opportunity in the states Bihar and Jharkhand.

#6. Sudha Dairy Franchise

The brand Sudha is owned by Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Ltd. “Sudha” milk and milk product have become a symbol of quality. As on date, nine out of ten dairy plants are ISO:9001:2000 and HACCP: IS 15000: 1998 certified.

The company has a strong distribution channel network throughout the states Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi/NCR region, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Starting a dairy business is profitable and lucrative too. We hope, this list of 6 dairy franchise opportunities will help you in making an informed decision.