Facilitas Business Opportunity Overview

The Facilitas laser therapy is based on acupuncture principles. Through the stimulation of certain meridian points on the human ear, natural chemicals called endorphins are released which eliminate the cravings and the smoking withdrawal symptoms. Combined with professional pre and post treatment consultations, the vast majority of our clients quit smoking successfully and start a healthy life.

Why You Should Consider to Apply for Facilitas Franchise

facilitas franchiseThe effectiveness of soft laser treatment has been proven by Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.
This Germany based multinational is one of the world’s leading companies in the profitable smoking cessation sector. It uses soft laser treatment to help people to become non-smokers in only 90 minutes!

Facilitas Healthcare has achieved an international presence with more than 50 store locations in over 20 different countries. In order to further develop  franchise network, the company is constantly searching for qualified franchise partners across the globe.
The company has already achieved an international presence in over 20 different countries. In order to further develop their franchise network, the company looks for two options.
1. Master franchisees to recruit new franchisees within an allocated territory.
2. Single and multi-unit franchisees to open their own Facilitas Healthcare smoking cessation centre(s).
The innovative technology used by the company has an enviable reputation and strong brand image which has received worldwide TV, radio and press coverage.
The company provided laser therapies are based on acupuncture principles. By stimulating defined energy points on the ear, the forehead, and the hands, the client is helped to achieve the following treatment goals:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Lose weight.
  • Reduction of stress.

Investment to Start Facilitas Franchise

Investment would be in the tune of 5 – 10 lacs of Rupees

How to Apply to Start Facilitas Franchise

Visit http://www.facilitas.net/en-GB/Franchise/Index and fill the form below. You will automatically get access to the virtual franchise info center via e-mail.
Facilitas franchise opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a small investment business opportunity. Analyse and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest and knowledge.

99 Franchise Team