How to Open Gelato Vinto Business – Opportunity Overview

Do you want to open a Gelato Vinto Franchise Business? If yes, go through this review article to get why and how to start this ice cream parlor business in your locality.

Gelato Vinto is a fresh, innovative concept not only for customers but also for the franchisees and business partners. Gelato has redefined the ice cream eating culture worldwide. Because it is a natural, fresher and a more nutritious, low-fat version of industrial ice cream, people are substituting it and indulging in it instead of Ice Cream

Gelato generically has a universal audience- it is consumed by a small child who could be a year old or even an adult that is 90 yrs of age. It is loved by all from all walks of life! Moreover, it is a healthier option to ice cream and nowadays nearly everybody is health-conscious!

Why choose Gelato Vinto Franchise Business Opportunity

The company brings a new exciting approach to an unrepresented sector. An efficient business model supported by marketing and merchandising tools and established operating procedures that make the running of outlets relatively simple. The company offers a low investment model with minimum Risk. The franchise owners get reasonable returns on investment. The food items have a high market demand

Benefits and Support to Franchise from Gelato Vinto

  • Support in Store design, Store construction
  • Business development i.e. site selection support
  • Operational support
  • Technical know-how and support are given to a franchisee during the duration of the agreement.
  • Marketing support
  • Training is provided to all crew members and franchisees
  • The items are supplied by the franchisor to the franchise at a cost that is the MRP less a certain percentage which works as a healthy and profitable margin for the franchise.
  • The items will be transported to the franchisee’s outlet by the franchisor at his own cost.

Franchise Criteria for Gelato Vinto Franchise

Basically, the company offers two different business models. Stand-alone shop and kiosk.
Stand Alone 

  1. Area Requirement 120-200 sq.ft.
  2. Product mix Gelato, Gelato cold stone, Sorbet, Yogurt, Milkshakes, Sundaes, Slush
  3. Gross margins 50%
  4. Franchise fee 4,00,000
  5. Investment 9-10 Lacs 5-6 Lacs
  6. Approximate ROI 20-30%
  7. Agreement period 5 years


  1. Area Requirement 50-100 sq.ft.
  2. Product mix Gelato, Sorbet, Yogurt, Milkshakes
  3. Gross margins 50%
  4. Franchise fee 3,50,000
  5. Investment 5-6 Lacs
  6. Approximate ROI 20-30%
  7. Agreement period 5 years

How to Apply for Gelato Vinto Franchise

Visit at or call at +91 99908 05195, or fax at +91-11-41324993. There is also a landline telephone number of Gelato Vinto, which is +91-11-46620050.
You can also pay them a visit or send them a letter in the following address: Gelato Vinto Corporate Office, 2, Community Centre, East of Kailash, Near Sapna Cinema, New Delhi – 110065.