How to Start Haldiram Franchise in India

Are you interested to open a Haldiram franchise business in India? If so, read this article to know the cost, investment, requirements, process, and contact details to partner Haldram business.

Haldiram started its business as a tiny shop in Bikaner in the year 1937 by Shivkisan Agarwal. In 1982, Haldiram’s set up their first shop in Delhi.  The company started with 15 products initially and then diversified into a wide array of products.

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Is Haldram Franchise Business in India Profitable?

Haldiram has a great brand name as well as its turn over is around Rs 400 crore. It has a brand valuation of 1500 crore. Haldiram is one of the oldest Namkeen and snacks shop in India. Although the Indian Government has recognized Haldiram Food International Limited as the Star Export Company.

The snacks of Haldiram is loved by all the Indians. It also exports products to many other countries like United Kingdom, US, South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Korea, Libya, Kenya, Bangladesh Australia, Qatar, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc.

The company provides marketing support to its franchise partners. Thus we can conclude that it is a profitable business.

Cost of Starting Haldirams Franchise

Haldiram has strategically planned about the expansion of their business that they are going to launch its Namkeens and sweets to 1 tier or 2 tier cities in India. This company is increasing its business of snacks quickly.

There are three types of this franchise which are provided by Haldiram. They are the following

  1. Casual  dinner-This franchise will require at least 2 office staffs, water, office, light which altogether take 1 crore -2 crore
  2. Kiosks-This one will be needing at least 25000,000 as it is required by haldiram
  3. Quick Service Restaurants –It doesn’t need much to maintain and requires much less investment compared to other franchises.

If you want to start Haldiram franchise in India, you should choose any one of these models and then begin this business

Area Required to Start Haldirams Franchise

Mainly the area depends upon the franchise which is to be opened. we have earlier discussed the different types of franchise

  • casual dinner will be needing about 2000-5000 sq ft
  • basically kiosks depends upon the location. You will need at least 75-100 sq ft
  • Quick service Restaurants will take 1000-1500 sq ft

Haldiram franchise fee

You have to start the franchise at least for about 9 years. They will be keeping a 2.5% loyalty fee from the franchise. The charges will differ according to the location. The tax of tier 1 that is the metropolitan cities is higher than of tier 2.

Contact Details

Finally, if you want to start a Haldiram franchise in India  the contact details and the address have been given below

Head Office – Nagpur

Address:  Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd,
145/146, Old Pardi Naka,
Bhandara Road, Nagpur – 440032.
Telephone:  +91 9764449796, +91 9607778600, +91 9607678600
Fax:  0712 – 2680218
Customer Care No:  +91 9209109999, +91 7507090300
Email ID:
>Regional Office – Mumbai

Address:  Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd,
A-204/207 Shyam Kamal West Wing,
Agrawal Market, Tejpal Road,
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai – 400057.
Telephone:   022 – 26130771, 022 – 26170762
Fax:  022 – 20145116