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Way2Brain DMIT Pvt Ltd Business Opportunity Overview


Way2Brain is registered under Indian Companies Act, 1956. Way2Brain is ISO – 9001:2008 Certified ensures highest standards of quality. Way2Brain is managed by a mix of some young and experienced team of professionals. Before taking a decision in buying Way2Brain DMIT Pvt Ltd Franchise, let us understand the subject.


Dermatoglyphics refers to fingerprints, palm prints & foot patterns. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, even though the process of fingerprint identification had already been used for several hundred years. Personality can be traced early in the mother’s womb, and it is reflected in fingerprints (dermatoglyphics).  Since each person’s fingerprints are unique, we can understand one’s innate potential, personality, and preferences by analyzing dermatoglyphics.

The study of fingerprints has become more common, therefore, some parents began to analyze their child”s (or baby’s) prints; with the intention to identify their potential early, and provide guidance accordingly to help expand their potential.


1. In terms of personal growth:

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and interaction skills
  • Know how to appreciate people
  • Improve relations between the sexes
  • Enhance EQ and AQ
  • Discover one’s unique gift(s)
  • Improve career
  • Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness

2. In terms of education:

  • Multiple intelligence assessments for children
  • Parent-child communication and education
  • Target at talents
  • Personalized education
  • Identified one’s gifted area(s)
  • Select a major that best-fit one’s desired career path
  • Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning

3. For enterprises:

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment of job competency and execution style
  • Plan education and training
  • Explore the potential of employee
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal communication and interaction
  • Consolidation of human resources.

To be successful in this business, you should be passionate in the field of human interests.
In India, Way2Brain is the pioneer in introducing this online scientifically proven and useful test.

 Way2Brain DMIT Pvt. Ltd Franchise Criteria

ExpansionPan India
Area RequiredNot necessary
Total InvestmentRs. 10,000 – Rs. 50,000
Location PreferredNot necessary
Franchise TrainingAhmedabad, India
Pay Back30 days


Mothercare Business Opportunity Review


Mothercare is a British brand establishes in 1961. It is the leading specialist retailer of products for mothers-to-be, babies and children.

Mothercare offers a wide range of maternity and children’s clothing, furniture and home furnishings, bedding, feeding, bathing, travel equipment, and toys It is the worldwide category leader in fashion products for newborn, baby and toddler.

It is present in over 56 countries with more than 55 franchise partners. There are more than 1500 stores worldwide with more than 100 stores in India.

Mothercare International

The overseas franchise business of Mothercare currently operates through 358 stores in 45 countries, primarily in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. The Mothercare brand translates effectively into many markets and the International team continues to strengthen existing relationships and build new partnerships with franchises around the world.

Franchise and Business Opportunities At Mothercare

Mothercare works with its franchisees to build profitable retail businesses around the world. Franchise partners own and operate Mothercare format stores selling products bought from the company’s UK operations.

Mothercare provides:

  • An established and internationally recognized brand
  • The exclusive right to open stores in the agreed territory or country
  • A complete internationally sourced range
  • The supply chain and business systems that are vital to ensure an efficient operation
  • Ongoing training programs

What Franchise Provides At Mothercare

The resources to establish and develop a successful franchise business An understanding of the retail conditions in their country
The necessary skills and experience to run a strong retail business

Franchise Criteria At Mothercare

ExpansionPan India
Area Required1200 – 2000 Sq Ft
Total InvestmentRupees 50 Lakh to 1 Crore
Location PreferredHigh street and mall
Franchise TrainingAt franchise premises
Pay Back2.5 to 3 Years
ROI20 – 25%


Smart Pools & Spas Business Opportunity Overview


Are you interested in starting Smart Pools & Spas Franchise Business? If yes, read this review to learn more why and how to start this business in your locality.

The Head Office of Smart Pools & Spas is located in Faridabad (near Delhi) and have branch offices in Hyderabad & Bangalore. The company was launched in the year 2006. They have dedicated staff for production in the Faridabad office and installers in Faridabad and Bangalore. The registered office is in No. 16-A, HSIDC Industrial Estate, Sector-31, Faridabad – 121 003, Haryana, India.

Why You Should Consider Doing Business With Smart Pools & Spas:

In India awareness towards health and fitness is growing rapidly. The size of the upper middle class is increasing day by day.  And so is the stress factor. Aspiring individuals are working harder for a better lifestyle. As a result, need maintaining health and fitness has become the most important priority of these aspiring individuals. In India, the health and fitness industry is witnessing a steady growth in recent times.

Smart Pools Spas is a company that specializes in counter-current swimming pools and related products. The company is also specialized in Hydrotherapy Pools for Sports and Fitness. The company manufactured Smart Hydrotherapy & Rehab Pools are also used for rehabilitation of patients also in hospitals.

The company also specializes in Hydrotherapy Pools. The Smart Hydrotherapy & Rehab Pools are also used for rehabilitation of patients also in hospitals & sports institutions.

The water current is broad, deep and is suitable for every swimming ability and fitness need. You can also set the temperature precisely, based on preferences and needs.

The company also takes care of the projects for Filtrations & Heating solutions for existing swimming pools along with that making swimming pools into never-ending counter-current pools.

Franchise Criteria At Smart Pools & Spas

ExpansionPan India
Area Required150 Sq Ft
Total InvestmentRupees 5 – 10 Lakh
Property TypeOffice / Shop
ROI20 – 25%
Pay Back6 Months
Other InvestmentSpace for installation of Demo Smart Pool

How to Apply for Smart Pools & Spas Franchise Business

You can directly contact for Smart Tools & Spas franchise on the following address: No. 16-A, HSIDC Industrial Estate, Sector-31, Sector 31, Faridabad – 121003, Haryana, India.

How to Open a Sporty Beans Franchise Business


Do you want to open a Sporty Beans Franchise Business? If yes, read this review article to learn more why and how to start this business in your locality.

Sporty Beans is India’s multi-sport program that began in 2009 for pre-school and primary school children with an aim of encouraging children’s love of physical activity. Actually, the brand trains kids aged between 2.5-8 years in nine popular sport-baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, and volleyball.  With already having a presence in 9 states and 13 cities, this institution is now seeking franchise partners.

Why You Must Consider Sporty Beans Franchise Business

The Sporty Beans program introduces children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind nine popular ball sports: baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, and volleyball. The company believes, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the Future! ”

Apart from being a high potential business, the sense of fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact on a kid’s future is the most striking aspect of the SportyBeans franchise opportunity. Some of the reasons to start this franchise:

  1. A proven business model
  2. Growing demand
  3. A high-quality product

Flagship Programmes At Sporty Beans

  • Parent Tot Program (1.5 to 2.5 years)
  • Junior Beans (2.5 to 4 years)
  • Mighty Beans (4 to 6 years)
  • Mega Beans (6 to 8 years)

Conducted in a safe, caring and fun-filled environment, the program ensures that there are not more than 18 children per class.

Other Programmes At Sporty Beans

Single Sports Program: Sporty Beans sport-specific programs focus on the development of advanced skills in children for a chosen sport; Soccer, Basketball or Tennis.

Sporty Beans certified coaches structure classes not only to develop confidence and further develop key skills of the sport but also to provide an opportunity to rehearse, repeat and refine those skills in an exciting, small-sided game at the end of the sessions.

Three Sports Program: Sporty Beans Three Sports programs focus on the development of advanced skills in children for three sports; Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis.

Parent-Tot Program: The parent Tot program gives Toddlers a very early start towards developing a love for Sport as well and helps enhance the relationship between the Parent and Toddler through various games developed specifically to increase and enhance teamwork and coordination between them. We aim to give the toddler a perfect foundation from which to advance to our Junior Beans Multi-Sport Program.

Holiday Camps (2.5 to 8 Years): Holiday Camp offers a wide range of sports, creative games, and various fun activities.

Theme-based Events (2 to 9 years): Sporty Beans organizes high-energy, action-packed birthday parties involving traditional celebrations and games in a safe & supervised environment, besides picnics, family get-together, corporate events, etc.

In addition to programs, the company offers Sporty Beans branded merchandise, including apparel and sports goods, at its centers.

Franchise Criteria At Sporty Beans

Having an educational background in various fields like kinesiology, early childhood education, recreation management, physical education or personal training is an added advantage but not required.

The company claims to provide full support in site selection, center design, training programs, marketing, and operational support and ongoing Research and Development.

As a SportyBeans franchisee you would participate in our pre- and post-opening training programs. This would include training in our methodology, lesson plans, and coaching techniques. You would also learn all aspects of the business including program setup, administration, marketing, and financial controls.

Sporty Beans Franchise Details

Expansion: Throughout the country
Area Required: 1200 to 1500 SqFt
Total Investment: Rupees 10 to 12 Lakh
Preferred Location: Residential, Open or Closed Area on Ground Floor
ROI: 115%
Payback: 8 to 10 months
If you are interested in the sporty Beans franchise business, visit and fill the form there.

Top 10 Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in India


Are you searching for profitable and popular beauty salon franchise opportunities in India? If you are passionate about beauty related activities, buying a beauty salon franchise is a win-win proposition. You get the advantage of being linked to a big brand and save on the costs of marketing and advertising. Since it has already built a reputation for quality, you enjoy the goodwill generated.

Here is our compilation of the top most profitable beauty salon franchise opportunities in India.

Top 10 Beauty Salon Franchise Business Opportunities in India

#1. Shahnaz Husain Group

The Shahnaz Husain Group is India’s leading company in the field of natural beauty and anti-aging treatments. Started in the 1970s by Shahnaz Husain in New Delhi, the group has over time vertically integrated to encompass every aspect of Ayurvedic care and cure. The Group currently have over 200 franchisees, for both our parlors as well as  training institutes

#2. VLCC

Mrs. Vandana Luthra started the VLCC brand in the year 1989. As of now, The business operations are expanded over 300 locations across 121 cities and 16 countries with a direct company managed operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.VLCC is widely recognized for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments.

With a staff strength of nearly 6000, over two-thirds of whom are experienced specialists including medical doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmetologists and physiotherapists and having served over 10 million customers since its inception.
Investment: The total investment required would be around 60-62 lacs.
Space: Space in a posh locality is preferred.

#3. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd

Jawed Habib is one of the leading hair & beauty salon chains in India. The company currently operates a total of 312 outlets across 21 states and 90 cities in the country. A renowned Hair Expert Jawed Habib promotes the brand. Actually, he started the company with a vision to provide quality hair styling and beauty services to the wider populace of the country.
Investment: Jawed Habib’s HairXpreso Franchise cost is between Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000
Space: For opening a Jawed Habib’s HairXpreso unisex salon you will need to have a commercial area of minimum 100 SQ. ft.

#4. Lakme Salon 

Hindustan Unilever pioneered the salon franchise format in India. Lakme Salon franchising was started in 2000 and in the year 2009, Hindustan Unilever exited this business and licensed it to Lakme Lever Pvt Ltd a Subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever to operate and expand the business. Lakme is considered as the pioneer in the beauty brand in India. At present Lakme salon have over 220 stores in India and with 130 franchise partners growing every day.


AromaThai was created in the year 2008  inspired by the concept and intrinsic value of foot massages and enlightened by the experiences of spas in Thailand. One of its kind concept – a spa for the feet from Thailand, a kingdom that stands at the forefront of the spa therapy, well known for its atmospheric relaxation and heirloom traditional wellness treatments.
Investment: the estimated cost of Aroma Thai franchise investments on a broader scale will range between Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 crore.
Space: As per our estimation, AromaThai franchise area requirements will be around 500 square feet.

#6. Green Trends

Actually, the Trends In Vogue Pvt. Ltd., a CavinKare Group company owns the Green Trends brand. They are present in 15 cities across south India with the four major cities Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, and Chennai. Green Trends Hair & Style Salon are pioneers in offering a full range of grooming solutions for value-conscious consumers.

Green Trends offers trendy haircuts and color services, complete skin care solutions and bridal packages, at affordable rates. Equipped with the knowledge on a wide variety of professional hair & skin care products, Green Trends provide well trained professional stylists who provide friendly quality service.
Investment: 35-40 lacs
Area Required: Minimum 1000 Sq.ft carpet area


SPALON  is an initiative by DREAMZ INTERNATIONAL founded by DR.ROOPA LAKSHMI BHAT who is a NATUROPATH, SPA CONSULTANT AND SPA EQUIPMENT TRADER in the industry who envisaged the dream of setting up SPALON centers which offer quality services at a very affordable price with premium quality of service.

SPALON the premium brand of Wellness Lounge exclusively for Ladies is on the vision of opening up their chain of centers across India and intends to facilitate lady entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the concept which is affordable and with a faster breakeven.
Investment: On Request.
Area Required: 800 Sq.ft carpet area

#8. B – Blunt Salon

Celeb Hairstylists’ Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar and Osh Bhabani’s salons, B Blunt is regarded as India’s most stylish team of hairdressers. On the menu are beauty services that are both sensible and funky to give your personality an edge of attitude and spunk.
Area Required: 800 -2,000 sq.ft carpet area
Investment: On request

#9. Juice Salon

The Juice Salon is India’s trendiest salon with branches across metros and mini-metros catering to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers, trendsetters, and celebrities. Juice has been in existence in the past decade and has now become a benchmark in the Hair Care and Nail Care industry.
Investment: Rs. 50lac – Rs. 1 Cr
Area Required: Minimum 1500 sq.ft carpet area.

#10. Contours International

Contours are India’s biggest chain of women’s gyms. They are part of an international chain called Contours Express, headquartered in the U.S. Introduced in India in 2006, Contours are 11 gyms strong, across the country and growing rapidly. The Lady behind the Contours Fitness Studio is Chandra Gopalan, a fitness enthusiast, and an established marathon runner.
Investment – 55-60 lakhs
Area Required -1800-2000 sq.ft.

Business Models Perfect For Franchising


In this post, I am going to explore traits that make your business model suitable for franchising and therefore allow you to put more thought into whether it’s right for your business.
When rapid business growth is on the menu, you might be considering franchising as a way to sky-rocket infrastructural development and revenue acceleration. For many this is a good choice, however, for others, it just isn’t going to work.

Business Models Looking for Local Presence

One of the most popular reasons that business franchises their operations are to expand in other markets. Fast-food chains are among the most popular franchise-dependant businesses as they require a local presence throughout the country.
You might wish to consider franchising if you need a sales team at a local level, a store-front at a local level, or even if you need the provision of services to happen at a local level.

Business Models Looking for Strong Brand

One of the strongest reasons why people opt to buy a franchise is the brand. When you buy a franchise from a popular brand, you can set up a shop and expect people to know what you stand for right away. This is a privilege that most businesses would die for.

Business Models Looking for Brand Dependency

It’s never usually a good idea to start franchising a commodity business. Although it’s possible that the business operates on low margins, it’s important that it has a means of differentiating itself. If it does not, then you have to step back and consider what value you are offering to the franchise.

Business Models Looking to Scale Up

Some business models scale better than others. For example, some people are extremely creative, and they will often use their creative talents to start a business. However, unless they can find lots of other creative people, just like them, they find that it is hard to allow their business to grow beyond a few staff.

That’s why you have to ensure your business is built in a way that means it scales well. This will often mean that systems and processes are in place that automates processes and that a system is in place that allows for anyone to be replaced without it being detrimental to the success of the business.

Business Models with Low Margins

Often franchise businesses will be low margin, high volume businesses. Franchising is a perfect fit for this model because the franchise owner only needs to earn a good wage and service their capital investment. The business is then able to grow in an, almost, risk-free way.

Business Models With Economies of Scale

If your business is likely to have increased margin with scale, then this can often mean your business model is perfectly suited for franchising. Some industries, like business services, for example, often report decreased margins during certain phases in their growth cycle. Consider what your margins will look like as you grow.

Analyse your business model and think deep. Use the above-mentioned aspects in your business and decide whether your business is worth franchising or not.