How to Start Rupa Garments Business – Opportunity Details

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Do you want to start a garment franchise business with Rupa? If YES, read this post and learn cost, investment and how to apply for Rupa garments franchise business.

Rupa is today one of the most popular knitwear brands in India, covering the entire range of knitted garments from innerwear to casual wear. Starting as a dream in the far-sighted mindscape of three men of vision and enterprise, Rupa has evolved to become the frontrunner in India and a leading player in global markets with far-reaching footprints and millions of satisfied customers.

The company started its operation in the year 1995. In 2014, the company offering franchise and distribution opportunities.

In line with evolving consumer preferences and market demands, Rupa periodically introduces new varieties in each sub-brand. These products incorporate the latest fabric innovations, cutting-edge production techniques, and advanced design elements to give the finest experience of style and comfort to the end-user.

Why You Should Consider Starting Rupa Garments Franchise

Rupa is the largest knitted innerwear products company in India at present. Limca Book of Records for last 6 consecutive years has recognized the company for being the largest manufacturer of hosiery products. The company manufacture and sells a wide range of products in the knitted innerwear, casual wear and thermal wear segments for men, women, and children.

Rupa has a daily capacity to produce over 700,000 pieces of finished goods. Furthermore, Rupa products are made from the finest yarns sourced from across the globe.

Rupa products are made from the finest yarns sourced from across the globe

Rupa invests in considerable research to produce environment-friendly clothes and minimizes carbon footprints.

The company is the owner of popular brands like Rupa Frontline, Rupa Euro, Rupa Softline, Rupa Footline, MacroMan, Torrido, Thermocot, Jon, Bumchumps, etc.

Rupa has been recognized as the best corporate brand of 2016 by the Economic Times.

The company has expanded operations in countries like Germany, Singapore, Italy, France, Iran, Nigeria, etc.

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Investment to Start Rupa Franchise Business

Investment to start Rupa Garments franchise will be around Rs 10 Lac to Rs 20 Lac. You need to pay Rs 50,000 plus taxes as brand/license fee. The company prefers ground floor store location in malls/High Street. The minimum carpet area of the unit store must me around 500 sq ft. The anticipated percentage rate on return on investment is around 52%. Normally, the payback period of capital investment is around 1.6 yrs.

How to Apply for Rupa Franchise Business & Contact Details

For any query regarding Rupa Franchisee call at +91 9674798890 or, write to

Rupa & Company Limited
1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani
Metro Tower
8th Floor
Kolkata 700071
CIN : L17299WB1985PLC038517
Phone- 91 33 4057 3100
Fax- 91 33 2288 1362