Top 50 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment & High Profit

Do you want to start a business in India? Are you looking for small business ideas with low investment and high profit? Then we are sure this article will be immensely helpful for you as we have explores, researched and listed ideas and opportunities which are low in investment but have a high-profit potential.

More than 60% of Indian population is below the age of 30. This huge workforce is full of aspirations to make it big. More and more startups are emerging here. If you are reading this article, you have proved your aspirational instinct of making a successful business venture.

We hope the below-mentioned list of business ideas and opportunities will inspire you in starting your business venture.

List of 50 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment & High-Profit Potential

1. Start a Retail Store

Starting a retail store is a profitable business in India. If you have a retail space in a location with a good footfall, consider opening a retail store. There are also plenty of retail store franchise opportunities offered by reputed brands you can choose from.

2. Real Estate Agency

The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. Every city in India is growing and the demand for affordable real estate properties are also increasing. If you have the confidence and the ability to networking with people, you are surely going to make good money in this profession.

3. Organic Products Store

More and more people in India are looking for organic products to buy. Demand for organic products is growing especially in the urban cities.

4. Kids & Children Clothing Store

Time has changed. Kids even are fashion conscious these days. Starting a retail store selling kids and children’s clothing stores is a good option to make good money.

5. Gym & Fitness Center

Awareness of staying healthy and fit is on the rise in average citizens in India.  More people are flocking to the fitness centers and the trend is surely going to grow.

6. Bike Studio

Sale of fashion and utility bikes are on the rise in India. If you are a bike enthusiast, you can consider opening a bike studio in your locality.

7. Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants are already doing good business in almost all cities and towns in India. There is plenty of scope in this business. However, finding the right location for this business is the most critical factor. If you have a good retail place, you can start this business without much doubt.

8. Pre School

If you have a space of your own or u can rent one in a residential location where a good number of families with small children stay, starting a preschool is a good option.

9. Car Wash Center

Most car owners look for genuine and affordable car wash services in their immediate locality. If you have space, starting this business is a good proposition.

10. Kid Entertainment Zones

The popularity of entertainment zones specifically for kids is increasing. Having a good retail space is essential to be successful in this business

11. Beauty Salon

Beauty salon or beauty parlors provide products and services that enhance the client’s physical appearances and mental relaxation. This is one of the most trending beauty business ideas in the retail segment.

12. Florist

Nowadays people have the need for flowers for most occasions. Be it a reception party or religious cause, glowers are a must for people. Additionally, this business needs not much investment to start.

13. Tea & Coffee Cafe

Most people in urban cities like to have a comfortable place hanging out with friends or having a business meeting. Customers are more than willing to pay more if the facilities are provided. Tea & coffee cafe pubs are increasingly getting popular in most cities and towns in India.

14. Career Counseling

Career counselors generally help individuals in guiding to right career paths. This business of helping students and professionals to a successful career is not only lucrative but also rewarding.
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15. Pathological Labs

Any individual having experience in laboratory science can initiate a pathology lab business with moderate investment.

16. Gift Shops

People generally look to buy fashionable items from gift shops. If you have a passion for collecting items that are unique in nature, you can think of starting this business.

17. Beauty Spa

Beauty spa or day spa business one of the most profitable beauty business ideas. With proper management skill and marketing strategy, any individual can initiate a beauty spa business with substantial capital investment

18. Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency Business is very broad in nature. You can deliver services like Permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, RPO from your recruitment firm. Most organizations need to hire employees. They may choose to hire new employees on their own or use the services of a recruiting company.

19. Courier Services

You can start this business locally with moderate capital investment. You must have proper management expertise. Prior experience in the trade is preferred.

20. Medical Store

Medical store business opportunity is perfect for those who are a chemist or has years of experience as a pharmacist. One can start a medical store business with extra value-added services like a doctor’s chamber, medical test facilities.

21. Mobile Retail Shop

If you have a retail space in a location where there is a good footfall, selling mobiles in India is perhaps the best business opportunity.

22. Medical Diagnostics Center

If you have considerable money to invest, opening a medical diagnostic center will bring you a substantial profit margin.

23. Ethnic Store

With a  fair amount of idea about the current trend of lifestyle fashions, any individual can initiate this business. You will need to have a strong and reliable supply source for the items.
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24. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Laundry with a dry cleaning service is evergreen and recession-proof business globally. From any location across the globe, you can start this business.

25. Eyewear

Eyewear is now a part of the fashion accessory for affordable people. People are willing to pay more for fashionable eyewear items nowadays. If you want to have a retail business with a good profit margin, consider this business to start.

26. Ice creams & Yogurt Parlors

The ice cream business can be extremely lucrative if planned properly. 

27. Men’s Wear Retail Store

Though the market is competitive, the size of the market for menswear is huge. There is always a scope of making a good profit in this business if you have experience and a proper business plan.

28. Stationery Store

Though it looks simple but to start a stationery business you have to plan deep. Items like Papers and pens, gift wrap and ribbons, cards, and notes of different categories need to be stocked.

29. Computer & Peripherals Retail Store

The sale of computers is growing fast. Although the market is immensely competitive, the market size is also huge. If you have a good retail location with reasonable money to invest, think of starting this business.

30. Drinking-Water Distribution

If you are located in the urban area and there is a shortage of pure drinking water, think seriously about starting drinking water distribution business. It requires very low investment and the profit potential is high.

31. Dairy Parlor

If you have a residential retail place, opening a dairy parlor can provide you with a good profit.

32. Grocery Store

The grocery store is an evergreen inflation-free business. If you have a good retail space you can start a grocery store with moderate investment.

33. English/Foreign Language Coaching

With the increase in foreign companies establishing businesses, people from all around the world is also visiting and staying in India. The requirement of local people knowing a foreign language is on the rise. Therefore, starting a foreign language coaching center is a good business decision.

34. Clinic & Nursing Home

Considering the population of the country, the number of health and nursing homes are way too low. If you are into medically related activity or have some idea how it works, think seriously of starting one.

35. Physiotherapy Center

There is a shortage of quality physiotherapy centers in this part of the world. If you have the expertise or interest in this profession, you can start with very low investment and make good money.

36. IT Education Center

There is a growing need for IT education in India. Starting an IT education center is profitable and rewarding too. 

37. Vocational Training Center

The annual demand for vocational institutes at present is 10 million students. Whereas the existing training institutes can accommodate only 3 million students. To address this shortfall, you can think of starting a vocational institute.

38. Fitness Equipment Store

As the awareness of fitness grows, so is the need for fitness equipment. If you have a retail space in a good location, opening a fitness equipment store is a good business decision.

39. Cartridge refill store

The sale of printers is poised for more growth. As the cost of the original cartridge is high, a lot of customers look for a cheaper option. Cartridge refilling center meets the purpose. If you have a small retail space and have the expertise needed, think of opening this business.

40. Women’s Clothing Store

There are plenty of niche sectors in this business vertical. However, before opening this business finding commercial retail with high footfall is most desirable.

41. Fashion Accessories

This is an evergreen inflation-free retail business you can start anywhere be it residential or commercial. However, experience in fashion trade is desirable.

42. After School Activity/ Day Care Center

Daycare and after-school activity center is a very profitable business in India. More and more working parents are looking for good quality centers for their kids.

43. Bakery & Confectionary Store

If you have a passion for making cakes and confectionary items and want to start a retail business, this business may be the ideal venture.

44. Pizza Store

Pizza is one of the new popular addition to the snack menu for a large number of Indian citizens. If you have a retail space, you can try this one as it has good profit potential.

45.  Security Services

Security is a big issue for Indians nowadays. More and more institutions and individuals are preferring private security personnel for their own security. As a result, the demand for security services is on the rise. If you have the necessary contacts and some ideas regarding security service needs, surely you are going to make good money.

46. Electric Vehicle Store

The sale of electric vehicles is steadily getting momentum in India. As people, in general, are getting pollution conscious and the government also supporting the cause, this business is bound to grow. If you have the necessary capital you must consider this business.

47. Tattoo, Piercing & Nail Art Store

Tattoos are such a beautiful form of art, both expressive and unique. Young Indians nowadays are passionate about this kind of art and don’t mind to pay to get this form of art instilled in their bodies. If you have the necessary experience and passion, this business surely will be profitable and rewarding too.

48. Finance Advisors & Brokers

Who on this earth does not want to have their finance grow and managed well? There is always a demand for reliable and dependable finance advisors. If you have the necessary expertise and an honest willingness to serve people,  there is no reason to be unsuccessful in this business.
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49. Travel Agency

The travel agency business is one of the most popular low profit and high-profit businesses on earth. If you love traveling and travel-related activities, thing seriously entering this business

50. Designer Jewelry Store

The demand for designer jewelry items is on the rise. If you want to be successful in this business, you must have a passion for finding the latest trends that are new in the market.

As we come across more tried and tested business ideas with a low investment that is making good profit margins in India, we will be updating this post. Stay updated! -2020