10 Business Ideas in Maharashtra in 2019

Are you searching for business ideas in Maharashtra? Are you looking for profitable investment opportunities for starting a business in the state? This article provides a list of low-cost business ideas and franchise opportunities that are available now.
Maharashtra is a state in western India. Also, it is the business capital of our country. It is the second most populous state too. Mumbai is the state capital. Other major cities are Pune Nasik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Solapur, Amravati, Kolhapur, Navi Mumbai, etc.
Maharashtra is the wealthiest state by all major economic parameters and also the most industrialized state in India. Hence, it is the state of opportunity and entrepreneurship for aspiring individuals who want to start a business here.

List of 10 Business Ideas in Maharashtra

#1. ATM

If you have a small retail space on the ground floor, you can think about opening an ATM franchise business there. ATM renting is an upcoming business opportunity these days. Without any involvement or further investment, you can earn monthly rent from your space.
With the growing population, the demand for ATM in numerous location is a basic need today. Hence, different banks and even financial institutions always look for proper location for opening ATMs. And You can find also a lot of national and multinational banks who offer ATM franchise opportunity in Maharashtra. One of the most popular opportunity is Tata Indicash Atm.

#2. Beauty Salon & Spa

The biggest entertainment industry Bollywood is in Mumbai. So, the state is a destination for top fashion designers, beauty experts, models, actors, actresses, and celebrities. So, a beauty salon or spa is a lucrative opportunity here.
Opening a beauty salon requires startup investment. Also, it demands professional skill and training. Additionally, the success of a salon depends heavily on local promotion and marketing. If you are a beginner without having any past experience in the salon industry you can consider buying a franchise. Check here, Top Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in India.

#3. Bike Showroom

The economic status is very satisfying in Maharashtra. The state’s per-capita income is 40% higher than the all-India average. So, if you want to start a business in the automobile industry, you can consider opening a bike or motorcycle showroom here.
The type of bike dealership will work depends on the location. If you open the showroom or dealer point in the city areas, then you must deal with sophistication and high-value items. And if you open the business in the rural areas, then you must consider the exact need of the local demographics. Some of the most popular brands are Jawa, Royal Enfield, Hero Moto Corp, Bajaj Auto, TVS, etc.

#4. Computer Training Institute

Maharashtra has an above average knowledge industry in India. Approximately 25% of the top 500 companies in the IT sector are situated in Maharashtra. So, opening a computer training institute is a lucrative opportunity here.
Nowadays, computer training is a must for everyone. Also, the sector offers so many job-oriented computers courses like animation, digital advertising, graphics designing, etc. If you are not a computer expert or a newbie in the industry, you can consider starting the business as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. Find here, Best Computer Institute Franchise Opportunities in India.

#5. Entertainment Business in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a prominent location for the Indian entertainment industry. So, opening a business in the entertainment industry is a lucrative opportunity here. However, starting a business in this industry requires a lot of capital investment. Also, it requires strategic planning, dedication, and long-term efforts.
Currently, some of the most promising areas are the gaming zone, party cruisers, multiplexes, etc. For more ideas, check Top Entertainment Franchise Business Opportunities in India.

#6. Fuel Station

The vehicle population density is very high in Maharashtra. Hence, the demand for fuel station is highly frequent in highways and roads. If you have a good retail location and proper investment capacity, you can definitely consider opening a petrol pump or fuel station dealership business here.
Generally, the fuel companies release advertisements every year disclosing the vacant areas. However, you can contact the company directly too. Some of the popular petroleum companies are HP, Essar, Reliance, IOC, BP, etc.

#7. Gym or Healthcare Center

Opening a gym or fitness center is a perfect opportunity in the metro cities, urban areas and even in small towns. Today’s young generation wants to look smart with a well-toned perfect body. Additionally, regular gym activity helps to enhance the body fitness thoroughly. Hence, the demand for gym or fitness center has grown exponentially.
Generally, it’s a perfect opportunity for passionate fitness experts. If you are not, then also, you can consider exploring this profitable opportunity by buying a franchise of a reputed brand. Check, Top Profitable Gym Franchise Opportunities in India.

#8. Ice Cream Business in Maharashtra

Ice cream is a very popular food item for almost every age group of people. Al.so, it is an important item in every celebration like a birthday party, marriage function, and even get together. Nowadays, the style of consumption of ice cream has changed hugely. People prefer enjoying a variety of ice cream at an ice cream parlor or a cafe. Generally, these cafes provide a cool sitting arrangement for enjoying the ice cream with relatives, friends or colleagues.
Opening an ice cream parlor requires a commercial retail location and upfront startup investment. Also, you can find a number of national and multi-national brands who are expanding their business in India through offering franchise. Find here a List of Best Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities in India.

#9. Multi-brand Clothing Store

Opening a clothing retail business demands upfront startup investment. You will need to secure a retail space and need to procure the inventory for the store. Also, you will need to concentrate on local promotion and advertisement.
For opening a multi-brand clothing store, the franchise is the best option. Due to a need of keeping a versatile range of inventory, it’s better to start working with an established brand. Check here, Top Multi Brand Clothing Franchise Opportunities in India.

#10. Pizza Business in Maharashtra

Nowadays, pizza becomes a favorite food for every age group of people including children and youths. Also, most of the national and multinational brands provide home delivery service in almost every city in Maharashtra. So, definitely, it’s the right time for starting a pizza business of your own.
A food item like pizza is a perishable item. Also, in starting your own business, you will need to manage the food preparation, inventory, restaurant arrangement, and home delivery too. Apart from starting of your own, you can consider franchise buying. Check here Best Profitable Pizza Franchise Opportunities in India.
Starting a small business requires a passion, dedication and a willingness of doing hard work. We hope, this list of best business ideas in Maharashtra will definitely inspire you in starting your entrepreneurship journey.